General Musings

  • Choosing a Name
    One of the hardest things to do when starting something new is picking a name that feels good. I think for many people, including myself, picking a good name is so uncomfortable and daunting that it prevents people from ever actually starting on the project. I named my business “Peak Frameworks”, which I derived from … Continue reading Choosing a Name
  • The Ingredients of Friendship
    As I progress further and further into my late 20s, I’ve observed a steady, organic decline in the number of my close friendships. This realization used to strike me as sad, but upon reflection, it feels appropriate and natural. Unless you’re bonded by some recurring mutual interest or are part of the same social circle, … Continue reading The Ingredients of Friendship
  • When will I be Good at Music?
    Most of the important decisions in my life have been made with a fair amount of caution. As a matter of philosophy, I typically lay out all the pros and cons and probability weight the different options to see which choice has the best chance of succeeding. It’s a very boring, finance-y way to approach … Continue reading When will I be Good at Music?
  • When does Confidence Become Pride?
    Over the years, I’ve generally tried to become less proud of a person, though I’ve always found pride to be kind of a slippery personality trait to pin down. Even if you’re aggressively meta and willfully self-aware, it’s still hard to clearly check all of your character blind spots. And when you self-examine through a … Continue reading When does Confidence Become Pride?
  • What Kind of Hobby is Best?
    I don’t know an awful lot about American history, but I’ve always looked up to Benjamin Franklin, or at least the idea of Benjamin Franklin, because he was espoused as a great polymath. A founding father of the United States of America, Franklin was famously good at many things such as writing, science, politics, and … Continue reading What Kind of Hobby is Best?
  • Music Taste and the Variability of Personality
    I probably go to a third of the concerts I attend by myself. I don’t consider myself to be a music snob, although I suppose I might be. I’ve just found that oftentimes, it’s way too annoying to find people to go to concerts with. Going with just one person can be uncomfortably intimate because … Continue reading Music Taste and the Variability of Personality