My Life Decisions

  • Peak Frameworks (My Business)
    One of the first exercises I did when I was mapping out the next leg of my career was to try and identify any patterns in my childhood and school life. I was curious to see – what sort of activities did I gravitate towards when resume building and optionality preservation weren’t the main focuses … Continue reading Peak Frameworks (My Business)
  • My Looming Career Fears
    The end of my traditional path – the past few months spent in Toronto and abroad on my sabbatical – has brought a great deal of excitement, but also a great deal of fear and self-doubt. In the years leading up to this point, I have tried to convince myself of the unimportance of wealth, … Continue reading My Looming Career Fears
  • The First Fork
    Since I’m at the crux of what feels like another “fork in the road”, I thought it would be interesting to revisit the first real fork in my life: deciding what to study in university. Over the years, I’ve reluctantly had to make several big life decisions: what job to take, which city to live … Continue reading The First Fork
  • The Business School Question
    Perhaps the only question in my life I’ve devoted more time to than the afterlife is… whether or not to go to business school. In many ways, business school seemed to be the logical and correct life choice after working in finance for a few years. Ever since I started going down the vague track … Continue reading The Business School Question
  • The Chapterization of Life
    What do you consider to be the happiest time in your life? The definitely-not-widely-accepted U-shaped happiness curve suggests that we are the happiest in our youth, and then again in our retirement years. The question of happiness is depressing to consistently dwell on, but my time of peak happiness was probably either the senior year … Continue reading The Chapterization of Life
  • The Unstructured Path
    I am a little lost with my career. This is probably a common feeling for people my age, but it is an unfamiliar one for me. For the majority of my life and the entirety of my adulthood, I’ve clung to the idea of following a long-term plan; a life with clear precedents to mirror … Continue reading The Unstructured Path