About Me

Hi, I’m Matt Ting. I run an online finance prep business called Peak Frameworks and spent a handful of years working in finance in New York. I grew up in Mississauga, Canada and studied at Ivey at Western University.

I tend to write about everyday philosophy, my adventures running a solo-entrepreneurship business, and my various interests, which include music production, friendship, and trying to be happy.

I think my friends would describe me as a friendly, introspective, and witty guy. I think my enemies would describe me as an overly-competitive, sad, and witty guy.

Here are some positive distinguishing things about me:

  • I can type at a 130+ word per minute rate. That’s 100th percentile speed and is probably one of my most elite accomplishments.
  • I am a proficient note-taker and information organizer.
  • I didn’t have braces growing up, but still have pretty straight teeth.
  • I have pretty big calves and I’ve been told my jaw is pretty big, which I think is supposed to signal that I’m a suitable mate.

Here are some neutral biographical things about me:

  • I really enjoy music! My favorite genres are electronic / dance, indie, and pop. My favorite artists are Kaytranada, Beach House, Daft Punk, and SG Lewis.
  • I’m a huge consumer of Reddit and generally grew up under the ‘Internet / video game’ culture.
  • Some of my hobbies include: writing, music production, and freestyle rapping (I’m probably good enough to go for 8-bars unprompted).
  • I am pretty obsessed with NBA fantasy basketball. I think it’s an interest that represents a great blend of being social, being analytical, and following a news-cycle.
  • I would describe my comedic style as a combination of Demetri Martin (clever and observational) and 30 Rock / Community (absurd and reference-based).

Here are some negative things about me:

  • I can’t speak Chinese, despite being natively Chinese. I attribute this to the fact that my parents didn’t speak it at home, but the fault and burden are mine alone.
  • I have minor facial ticks (e.g. grinding teeth, chewing on my tongue, otherwise just moving my mouth)
  • I’m not very good at cooking or driving.