Career Philosophy

  • The Discounted Utility Maximization Bias
    At this point, I’m pretty sure there aren’t really concrete rules on how to live life. I’m 30 years old and I realize that most people are just winging it to some degree. That being said, everyone eventually arrives at their own approach to living and understanding life, whether intentionally or not. We develop our … Continue reading The Discounted Utility Maximization Bias
  • Sabbaticals are Scary, but Good
    I got published in the Toronto Star’s Business op-ed section! The article talks about how most young people don’t get enough time to make truly informed career decisions and how a sabbatical can be an effective tool to get better career clarity. This is the first time I’ve written an op-ed for a legitimate media … Continue reading Sabbaticals are Scary, but Good
  • The People Who Keep Us Productive
    When I reflect on the moments in my past when I was the most ambitious and productive, I notice a pattern among the people in my life. Whether it was applying to universities, angling for internships, or recruiting for private equity, the types of relationships were actually quite similar. I’ve come to believe that in … Continue reading The People Who Keep Us Productive
  • I Finally Enjoy My Work
    For the first time since probably my junior year of school at Ivey, I can say that I feel motivated and excited about my work and my life. I finally have authentic goals that I enjoy working towards and feel like I have some mild sense of purpose. There was a long stretch of time … Continue reading I Finally Enjoy My Work
  • How Much Money Should I Try to Make?
    The value system I’ve probably had the toughest time establishing as an adult is my attitude and philosophy towards money. The only real monetary goal I’ve settled on is that “I don’t want to excessively worry about money”, but that’s more of a guiding principle / cop-out than it is a coherent and well thought-out … Continue reading How Much Money Should I Try to Make?
  • Peak Frameworks (My Business)
    One of the first exercises I did when I was mapping out the next leg of my career was to try and identify any patterns in my childhood and school life. I was curious to see – what sort of activities did I gravitate towards when resume building and optionality preservation weren’t the main focuses … Continue reading Peak Frameworks (My Business)
  • Dropshipping and Doing Good
    Disclaimer: I have since stopped doing dropshipping. It ended taking up too much mental space and it was hard to keep profit margins consistent during the pandemic in 2020. It ended up being more of a fun side project. I have never really ranked “doing good in the world” highly on my criteria of finding … Continue reading Dropshipping and Doing Good
  • When is it OK to Pursue Our Dreams?
    I don’t think I would ever get a tattoo, but if I were to get one, it’d almost definitely be a hollowed-out pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Take a moment to indulge your flashbacks of Psych 1000 It’s a cool geometric shape. It’s quirky enough to improve my sense of individuality and my ability … Continue reading When is it OK to Pursue Our Dreams?
  • How Authentic is my Ambition?
    During my first year of investment banking in New York, I always found myself at dinners filled with these other Canadian finance dudes. We were all fresh out of school, eager to combat the omnipresent feeling of loneliness, and excited to buy dinners that didn’t arrive in plastic containers. I think the New York Canadian … Continue reading How Authentic is my Ambition?
  • Exploring the Overlap
    One of my favorite forms of media is the comic strip. When I was a teenager with way fewer responsibilities, I used to consume dozens of webcomics per day. I’m glad that Instagram has ushered forward a comic strip renaissance. What I love about the comic strip is the simplicity of its form – it … Continue reading Exploring the Overlap
  • The Chapterization of Life
    What do you consider to be the happiest time in your life? The definitely-not-widely-accepted U-shaped happiness curve suggests that we are the happiest in our youth, and then again in our retirement years. The question of happiness is depressing to consistently dwell on, but my time of peak happiness was probably either the senior year … Continue reading The Chapterization of Life
  • How Many Hours Should I Want to Work?
    In my quest to optimize the remainder of my working life, one of the biggest questions I keep coming back to is the question of how many hours I want to be working in the future. Next to pure salary, I think that the number of hours worked is the most empirical measure you really … Continue reading How Many Hours Should I Want to Work?